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Hack the Gap: Fixing Cybersecurity’s Broken Talent Pipeline

Presentation Overview: The cybersecurity talent pipeline is broken. Demand for cybersecurity jobs has grown over 90% in the past five years but new graduates of cybersecurity programs have grown only 44%, exacerbating what was already one of the most severe talent shortages in the economy. Compounding this shortage is widespread demand for workers with rare combinations of skills and credentials, which blocks new workers from entering the field. As a result, employers are feeling the pain: cybersecurity jobs take 20% longer to fill than other IT jobs and pay 16% more – translating to a salary premium of nearly $13,000 per year. Nonetheless, employers still request heightened education and experience requirements, with over 85% of cybersecurity job openings requesting at least a bachelor’s degree or at least 3 to 5 years of previous work experience. This further constrains the pool of workers from which employers may recruit. In this keynote, we will explore research and data on the cybersecurity workforce from Burning Glass Technologies and CyberSeek.org – an interactive supply and demand heatmap and career pathway for cybersecurity jobs across the U.S. We will explore some of the key factors driving a wedge between supply and demand for cybersecurity jobs in North America and beyond, and identify opportunities for employers, educators, policymakers, and individuals to fix the cybersecurity talent pipeline and grow the next generation of cybersecurity workers.


Will MarkowWill Markow

Managing Director – Human Capital Management and Emerging Technologies

Will Markow leads the Emerging Technologies and Human Capital Management practice at Burning Glass Technologies where he oversees Burning Glass’s research and consulting efforts focused on the impact of emerging technologies on the workforce. Will’s research with Burning Glass is routinely featured in national media outlets – such as the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post – and he has led dozens of custom research projects for Fortune 100 companies, technology vendors, training providers, workforce development organizations, and government agencies. He has also advised multiple White House administrations on key issues related to the future of work.

In addition, Will is an internationally recognized commentator on the cybersecurity talent shortage and, in partnership with CompTIA and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education, leads the development of Cyberseek.org, an interactive online tool providing definitive data on the cybersecurity workforce across the United States.