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Secure Scripting Module

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The Secure Scripting module aligns with Learning Outcomes in the NSA "Basic Scripting" knowledge unit, which includes demonstrating proficiency in scripting languages to write simple scripts (e.g., to automate system administration tasks).

  • Aligns with Learning Outcomes in the Software Development Fundamentals (SDF) knowledge unit of the ACM Computer Science Curricular Guidelines
  • Aligns with the Learning Objectives and Essential Knowledge Statements for Big Ideas 1–5 in the AP CSP framework (Creativity, Abstraction, Data and Information, Algorithms, and Programming) 

The Secure Scripting module has been pilot-tested in the following courses: ITSE 1350, System Analysis and Design; CSC 240, Introduction to Different Programming Languages; NTWK 2013, Introduction to Networking; CIS 215, Operating Systems; and CSC 200, Introduction to Computer Science.

The original version of this module uses the Bourne-Again SHell (BASH). It includes an optional unit on Linux, to provide students unfamiliar with Linux enough of an introduction to allow them to complete the module. 

Download Compressed file: Bourne shell version of Secure Scripting (3.9 MB)  

This version of the Secure Scripting module uses Python rather than the Bourne shell.

Download compressed file: Secure Scripting in Python (2.27 MB)  




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