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Re-Imagining Orlando’s Talent Supply

"It should come as no surprise that demand for cybersecurity talent has increased drastically in recent years. Already on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for cybersecurity talent is greater now than ever due to the widespread adoption of remote learning and work, skyrocketing demand for online shopping, and an abundance of digital platforms collecting data on our personal health, movements, preferences, etc. This report is the third installment in the Re-Imagining series, which seeks to help employers and higher education providers in the region identify tactics that create upward mobility career paths for Orlando’s residents. It focuses on tactics to recruit and develop Orlando’s cybersecurity talent while providing a common language for cybersecurity talent recruitment and outlines the top cybersecurity roles in Orlando." To learn more and download the report, visit https://orlando.org/l/an-orlando-cybersecurity-talent-deep-dive/

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