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Cybercamp Course Materials

Introduce high school students to the emerging and exciting field of information security. Help guide them toward their next steps in an education and career in technology. Whatcom Community College (WCC) holds an annual cybercamp for local high school students. Funded through a National Science Foundation (NSF), NCyTE Center encourages download of the WCC Cybercamp material and hosting cybersecurity camps.

Program Summary

Cyber Defenders logo two people in circle with red letters of organization nameRecent attacks on computer networks have highlighted the need for a trained cybersecurity workforce. This project will increase the awareness and interest of high school students in the exciting and emerging field of information security and promote their involvement in the next steps towards an educational career pathway. The project’s disciplinary focus is in Computer Information Systems (CIS). Activities focus primarily on program development and improvement, and curriculum and educational materials development.

Course Learning Objectives

At the completion of this workshop the student should be able to:
    •  Explain and differentiate the security principles of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.
    •  Distinguish types of malware and attacks.
    •  Apply tools and techniques for vulnerability assessment.
    •  Implement host security.
    •  Explain the security function and purpose of network devices and technologies.
    •  Identify types of authentication and perform basic configuration.
    •  Distinguish types of cryptography and their uses.

Course Topics

    •  Hands-on labs
    •  Introduction to security
    •  Basic Linux commands
    •  Introduction to CCDC
    •  CCDC — Competition Prep


Course Materials

The materials below were developed through funding from the National Science Foundation. .

Project Summary

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Sample Cybersecurity
Camp Forms

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Cybercamp Student
Ethical Conduct

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Cybercamp Schedule

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Cybercamp Lab Book

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Competition Day

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Cyberdefense Competition

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For more information about this project, please contact Corrinne Sande at Whatcom Community College, [email protected].