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Cybersecurity Modules

Explore NCyTE's seven Cybersecurity Modules, created to integrate cybersecurity into high school and college computer science courses.

All 7 C5 Modules

NCyTE’s Cybersecurity Modules are now more accessible than ever! The modules (along with our Cybersecurity Concept Lessons) are available on CLARK, a platform for building and sharing free cybersecurity curriculum. CLARK includes three components— a model for building curriculum, a digital library system, and curriculum collections. It provides cybersecurity faculty with the building blocks to train the next wave of researchers and better prepare the cybersecurity workforce.

NCyTE’s Cybersecurity Modules integrate cybersecurity into high school and college computer science courses and cyber-related courses such as Information Technology. All seven modules recently underwent a comprehensive update, which included:

  • - Reviewing the modules to identify critical cybersecurity KSAs (knowledge, skills, and abilities) tested for in the AP CSP exam and ensure alignment of the modules to AP CSP exam objectives
  • - Updates to bring the modules into currency with the new CAE Knowledge Units (KUs)
  • - Developing new instructional tools, including case studies, interactive activities, and programming lab exercises

Each module has been evaluated by educators around the country and is ready for use in your classroom.


Curriculum Lesson: Cybersecurity and Society
Curriculum Lesson: Cyber Threats and Countermeasures
Curriculum Lesson: Cybersecurity Principles
Curriculum Lesson: Applied Cryptography
Curriculum Lesson: Secure Scripting
Curriculum Lesson: Responsible Software Development
Curriculum Lesson: Securing Data from Risk