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C5 Cybersecurity Concept Lessons

Catalyzing Computing and Cybersecurity in Community Colleges (C5)Discover all 13 C5 Cybersecurity Concept Lessons, a Planning & Pacing Guide, and Lesson Roadmap created to integrate cybersecurity into the AP Computer Science Principles course. The C5 Cybersecurity Concept Lessons (CCLs) facilitate the integration of cybersecurity into the AP CSP course. Each distinctive lesson contains a presentation, activities, and an overview document that can be downloaded for use in the classroom for free.

These Cybersecurity Concept Lessons were developed by high school instructors experienced at teaching AP CSP. They have been integrated into an AP CSP Cyber course on the CodeHS platform. 

Catalyzing Computing and Cybersecurity in Community Colleges (C5) is a related grant project based at Whatcom Community College. One of the goals of the C5 project is to develop and disseminate instructional materials to enhance computer science and cybersecurity courses. 



Information Security & The CIA Triad
Curriculum Lesson: Personal Data Vulnerabilities
Curriculum Lesson: Identity Authentication, and Authorization Lesson
Curriculum Lesson: Steganography
Curriculum Lesson: Input Validation and Conditionals
Curriculum Lesson: Vigenere Cipher
Curriculum Lesson: The Iterative Process
Curriculum Lesson: Caesar Cipher
Curriculum Lesson: Risk
Curriculum Lesson: Cyber Ethics
Curriculum Lesson: Secure Networking
Curriculum Lesson: Symmetric Public Key Encryption
Curriculum Lesson: Data Structures