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Connecting teachers, business leaders, local government officials, and students builds community. Opportunities like "Industry Nights" solidify connections and reward participants over and over.

If you are working to call attention to your cybersecurity program, identify opportunities for internships, locate industry advisory committees, or link employers with new graduates, an “Industry Night” might be the answer. NCyTE Center joined with colleges across the nation to host events that call attention to cybersecurity opportunities within local and regional communities.

Colleges in California, Colorado, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, and Washington hosted Industry Nights. These events are productive in both rural and urban areas linking cybersecurity teachers and students with local government and business communities.

Fall 2019 Industry Nights

This fall NCyTE sponsored and facilitated three events. Each was tailored to suit the needs of the areas they were hosted in.

Building a Strong and Diverse Cyber Workforce
Metropolitan Community College, October 3, 2019

October 2019 Industry Night at Metropolitan Community College with Monica Rowe speakingMonica Rowe, Chief Information Security Officer for Mazuma Credit Union, spoke to a crowd of 50 attendees in Independence, MO at Metropolitan Community College’s (MCC) Blue River campus. A panel discussion led by NCyTE Center’s own, Stephen Miller focused on the diverse skills and talents in demand for a career in cybersecurity. 

Attendees included cybersecurity students, MCC alumni, business leaders, faculty members, and representatives from local government. “It was scheduled to end at 7:00 p.m., but people stayed and conversed with us, some industry partners, and alumni until 8:30 p.m.!” said Brian Hurley, Cybersecurity Program Coordinator and CSIS Faculty member at MCC.

Cybersecurity Night
TheLab@Everett, WA, October 8, 2019

The Northwest Innovation Resource Center (NWIRC) hosted a Cybersecurity Industry Night in Everett, WA. The venue, The NW Innovation Lab, or “TheLab,” is the newest addition to NWIRC’s expanding set of resources for entrepreneurs, inventors, and innovators in the region. Plans were announced to establish a Security Operations Center at TheLab along with the vision of how it will support and strengthen the regional security workforce and support industry. Corrinne Sande, Principal Investigator of NCyTE Center, shared local opportunities for increasing cybersecurity skills and the regional workforce.

Business leaders and entrepreneurs; leaders in local government; as well as cybersecurity students, faculty, and administrators from NCyTE member institutions enjoyed a tour of the new lab and took advantage of the time to network with other guests. Students indicated they had a better understanding of the cybersecurity needs of local business and industry.

TAG Summit 2019
Whatcom Community College, November 8, 2019

A panel discussion at November 2019  Industry Night Event - TAG Summit held at Whatcom Community College with Max Kaiser and Chris PowellThe Technology Alliance Group (TAG) of Bellingham, WA, held its annual TAG Summit at Whatcom Community College, the home of NCyTE Center. The full-day event included breakout tracks on Cybersecurity, Engineering, Leadership, and Software Development, drawing more than 120 professionals, students, and faculty from the region to listen and discuss the challenges they all face. Over 30 speakers participated, including Corrinne Sande, Principal Investigator of NCyTE Center, and Director of WCC Computer Sciences and Information Systems department.

"Our community is strengthened with the sharing of knowledge and experience, and supporting each other through service," said TAG Executive Director, Michael Gan. This sentiment sums up what NCyTE Center is working to support and develop in sponsoring these events.