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Dr. Costis Toregas

Consultant, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute at The George Washington University

Dr. Costis Toregas is a consultant to the National Cybersecurity Training and Education Center (https://www.ncyte.net/ ) where he is responsible for East Coast representation to academia, industry and government, and international program expansion.  He is the Director of the Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute at The George Washington University (https://cspri.seas.gwu.edu/), where he manages and conducts education, research and service projects in cybersecurity and privacy. His current research interests include cybersecurity risk assessment and organizational strategies, the role of insurance in cyber risk management, the use of block chain in Disaster Risk Reduction, apprenticeships and exploring a fuller utilization of Community Colleges in cybersecurity work force strategies.  He is a Director for the National Cyber League (https://www.nationalcyberleague.org/) and Women in Cyber Security (www.wicys.org). 

He is a respected consultant to national governments and intergovernmental organizations, and a much sought-after speaker on the impact of technology in government and society.  His experience in developing innovative strategies for governments is reflected in the 30+ years he led the non-profit Public Technology Inc. which networked government innovators in technology and its applications in partnership with industry.  He currently grounds his work in the reality of government as the IT adviser to the Montgomery County Council, Maryland, where he helps shape policy approaches for the $220m of IT expenditures in the County's $6B budget.   In addition, Dr. Toregas has supported technology-based efforts in GIS, environmental data and decision support systems in the Arab Gulf Region since 2003, and provides sustainability services through EAGLES2030, a Nairobi-based NGO (www.eagles2030.org ).

He is a member of the Expert Group for the Global Risk Assessment Framework of the UN DRR program and a co-chair of its Communications Working Group; this platform provides him with the opportunity to increase the awareness of global leaders of the importance of collaborative strategies in disaster risk reduction, as well as the impact of cyber security on the economy and continuity of operations for all vital sectors of the economy at global scale.

Dr. Toregas has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Environmental Systems Engineering from Cornell University.  He is married to Catherine Chadley Toregas and has two children, Alexandra and Christopher.

Contact Costis Toregas:  toregas1@gwu.edu