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Who we are


The NCyTE Center works to advance cybersecurity education in the U.S. by continuing to invest in technological innovation, resources, professional development and tools to support community colleges and the workforce pipeline of tomorrow.


The NCyTE Center is committed to improving the quantity and quality of existing cybersecurity resources and building upon these resources to develop effective training and teaching modules. By concentrating on student development; professional development; and curriculum development, revision, and dissemination, NCyTE Center incorporates effective outreach efforts to raise awareness and build viable partnerships among academia and industry.


NCyTE Center is focused on building a comprehensive network of higher education institutions, businesses, and government agencies dedicated to developing and maintaining a robust cybersecurity workforce. NCyTE Center is committed to providing a forum for improving the quality and increasing awareness of cybersecurity issues in educational and industrial communities throughout its region.


Whatcom Community College is the lead institution located on the Bellingham, Washington campus. The core academic partners in the consortium are:

Each of the center’s four primary initiatives—student development, curriculum development/revision/dissemination, faculty development, and outreach/partnership development—is overseen by one of the Co-PIs. Each of the Co-PIs brings to the consortium a wealth of expertise in his or her respective area.

Industry Partnerships

NCyTE Center continues to build strong industry partnerships within each of its primary initiatives to ensure that its focus and vision are aligned with the evolving needs of industry. Through interaction with a multi-faceted advisory committee, NCyTE Center encourages the active engagement of its Industry Partners, informing all aspects of the center design and delivery.

National Science Foundation

NCyTE Center is funded by a National Science Foundation Advanced Technological Education Grant

The NCyTE Leadership Team

Lee Kim

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society

Tommy Ng

IT Security, Risk & Compliance Manager, Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

John Paramadilok

Vice President, Information Security Services at US Bank and Cryptologic Warfare Officer at US...